Our Philosophy

We believe that great design is the result of precision, passion, and connection to our customers. Our award-winning designers work directly with you to bring your vision into reality.

Kitchen Design

When designing, whether it’s a kitchen, dining room or entertaining area, keeping a flow is extremely important. No matter what design style, from traditional to modern, it creates harmony to have consistent flow through out all the common spaces.


Celebrate clean lines, simple elegance, and natural materials with our Modern design. Customize your colour palette, surfaces, and form to create a warm, inviting space. 


Choose from 20+ raw materials including granite, marble and slate to create a seamless flow between your custom kitchen cabinetry and Unique’s Custom Stone Islands. Our Unique system utilizes elaborate details such as miter joints on fronts and side panels. Experience the simplicity of homogeneous surfaces for the look and feel of consistency within the exquisite materials.


Our classical interpretation is nature-inspired and shows off eggersmann’s quality craftsmanship. Natural materials and classical finishes will transform your kitchen into the warm and inviting space you dream it can be.

The Work’s

Sophistication and productivity take centre stage with the Work’s. Take your love of cooking to the next level and turn your kitchen into a space that would make a professional chef feel at home. Our custom Works stations along with the Works Turn Units are carefully arranged for maximum functionality along with every tool you’ll need to get the most out of the space.


With eggersmann, even a drawer can be a feat of ingenuity. Our interior accessories system leverages sleek elegance and functional design to maximize every working part of your space.

Designed by the Best

Victoria Shaw and Anthony Binns are among the top designers of luxury kitchens and bathrooms in Toronto. They began working exclusively with eggersmann in 2013, and have won multiple awards for their designs.  At eggersmann Toronto, our clients work directly with Victoria and Anthony throughout the entire design and renovation process.

Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms in Toronto

At eggersmann Toronto, we design bespoke cabinetry for a luxury kitchen experience. As one of the top kitchen showrooms in Toronto, we bring to life the luxury kitchens you dream of.