Your Experience

Our Process Sets Us Apart from Other Kitchen Design and Renovation Companies

At eggersmann Toronto, our clients enjoy a full-service experience including design, renovation and custom interior decor. Every space is unique and presents its own challenges — the cost of a home or condo renovation in Toronto will vary. Each project is planned with great care so that you get the most out of your budget. Our award-winning designers work directly with you from beginning to end. They are on-site during the renovation process, ensuring that every detail is in place. 

From Concept to Reality

Whether it’s a home or condo renovation, we work closely with our clients every step of the way to help them achieve the space they dream of. A 5-year warranty on all cabinetry and a 2-year warranty on labour means that you continue to receive service after a project is completed. This is what sets us apart as one of the best renovation companies in Toronto.

The Process

Step One: Showroom Consultation

At eggersmann Toronto, we know that remodelling any part of your home can feel intimidating – and we are here to make the process as clear and straightforward as we can. An initial consultation in our downtown Toronto showroom gives you the chance to explore the eggersmann line of cabinetry and get a hands-on sense of its quality and innovative design.

We will discuss your needs and gather information regarding your wishlist for the new design. We will then review elements to incorporate into the design, and give you a rough idea of budget for your project.

Step Two: Retainer

The next step is a retainer contract which allows us to get site measurements and ensure the design is feasible for your space. We will also address any changes if needed. 

Using our proven design expertise in function, aesthetics and organization, we work with you to generate design concepts that can meet any special lifestyle needs or preferences. 

At eggersmann Toronto, we know that the best renovation design comes from understanding the materials, the product and the client’s requirements.  Our design flows through all of these elements to create effective solutions. 

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by all the choices – our designers will walk you through each step of the selection process. Their years of knowledge and experience make this a walk in the park!

We provide up to three design revisions. A budget will be put together for the final design that includes all selected items. 

Step Three: Custom Order

Once the final design has been approved and signed off, the order is then processed by eggersmann Toronto and sent to Germany for production.

Depending on materials selected, the delivery of cabinetry can be anywhere from 12 weeks to 20 weeks, depending on the time of year and any holiday interruptions.

Step Four: Installation

A rough installation date is scheduled, and confirmed when the cabinetry has been shipped from Germany.

Our team of professionals will install the cabinetry. Depending on the complexity of the design, this can take between one and three weeks.  At eggersmann Toronto, we are very hands-on from start to finish. We only work with professionals who have extensive experience and are passionate about what they do.  This commitment to excellence is what makes us one of the best renovators in Toronto

Step Five: Follow-up

You can expect a small amount of service work after cabinetry has been installed. We guarantee that any missing or damaged parts are shipped as quickly as possible, and are proactive about getting any issues resolved quickly and easily. 

To us a project is never done, and we always take care of our clients.  We are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on cabinets and a 2-year warranty on labour – something many other renovation companies just don’t provide. 

Our commitment to detail throughout the process also eliminates unnecessary hassles or surprises following installation. We are here to make this as easy as possible!